The First Night – Wasatch Mountain State Park

The First Night – Wasatch Mountain State Park

Wasatch-firstEarlier in the month we decided to purchase a Jayco Swift 184BH trailer.  Having never owned a trailer before and being like I am I started researching and learning everything I could in preparation for our first night.  I was really worried about taking my family out and not being able to do something or having some type of problem.  Fortunately the internet was a great resource and got me all prepared for everything I needed to know.

We decided to make our first night at a full hookup (water/power/sewer) campsite as this was the least scary to us.  After a bit of research we settled on Wasatch Mountain State Park and we are both glad we did.  The Campground is located in the North West corner of Midway.  We picked a loop with lots of trees and the site we got was a very nice pull-through (i’m still nervous about backing up).  Everything was quite smooth and after getting Lily to bed, Ash and I sat out by the fire and just enjoyed being outdoors.

We had a great time and are really looking forward to many more trips in our future…


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    1. A pro in training is more like it. One day we might consider ourselves pro when we go full time, but for now we are just enjoying each trip out and learning as we go.

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