Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park

After our overnight stay at the Butte KOA, we headed out to Glacier National Park.  It was just over a 4 hour drive and we had planned to make a stop along the way in Arlee, MT.  Whats in Arlee you might ask?  Well in researching our route, I found a great little road side attraction called Garden of One Thousand Buddhas and knew we had to stop.  The garden was impressive, not so much for the scale of it, but that fact that somebody would build and maintain a garden like this is such a small town.  It is always inspiring to see this level of dedication.  As this was about the half way point we also made a quick lunch stop in the parking lot and then continued on up the road toward the park.

Heading north from Arlee, we passed by Flathead Lake and man was it impressive.  The lake is huge and reminded me of pictures that I have seen of the Oregon coast with several islands in the water.  It was a place that I am sure would be great to stop and spend some time, but we had to press forward, avoiding the countless roadside cherry stands and make it to our destination.


We camped in the park at the Fish Creek Campground located in West Glacier.  The campground is fairly large with several loops and is generally quite busy as it is one of two campgrounds in Glacier that you can make reservations at.  The vast majority of sites are pull-through and there are no hookups available.  Spacing of the sites was great giving each site plenty of space and privacy.  The sites were level and all dirt.  The two sites that we stayed in were recommended to us and we were very happy with our choice.  There is a ton of shade in the campground which is good for cutting down the heat but no so great for solar.

Comfortable sites with lots of room to stretch out
Look at those trees
Oh good, this campground has wifi
Food storage, its for the bears!
A little crazy after all the time in the car

Tomorrow its off to do some hiking…



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