Easy DIY Campground Flagpole

Easy DIY Campground Flagpole

As we approach Memorial Day, it is a great time to knock out a quick DIY flagpole to help you fly your countries colors while at the campground.  The flagpole can be used for any flag so if you are more partial to the Jolley Roger, so be it…  I came across this flagpole while traveling in South Dakota.  I spoke with the gentleman that had it and he explained how to make it.  His had an extra arm that held a solar light so if you are interested in that you might want to do a few searches and I am sure you will see some pictures

The flagpole is constructed from parts you can find at your local home improvement shop and may even already have at your house.

  • 10-feet of PVC and a way to cut it into smaller sections
  • A 45 degree PVC elbow fitting
  • A PVC tee fitting
  • Two PVC end caps
  • A snapper pin
  • A piece of concrete rebar that is about 4 feet
  • A flat washer that is big enough for the rebar to go through
  • Two cup hooks – I used white
  • Favorite 3×5 flag

Once you get all your supplies home, cut the PVC so that you have two 4-foot sections and two 1-foot sections.  Attach and glue the 45-degree elbow to one of the 4-foot sections, and then attach and glue a 1-foot section to the other side of the elbow.  This makes up the bottom part of the flagpole.  Now take the tee fitting and place and glue a 1-foot section and place and glue a 4-foot section on opposite sides of the fitting.  Then place and glue the caps on each end.  This is the top part of the flagpole.

Flagpole setup

Now take the top part and connect the bottom of the tee fitting to the open end of the short section on the bottom part.  Adjust the orientation so the long section of the top part is pointing up (like the picture above).  To allow the flagpole to be broken down, I did not glue this part.  To prevent it from rotating, I drilled a hole through the tee fitting and then insert a snap pin to hold it.  Now you should set your first cup hook just below the top cap and then measure with your flag to determine where you put your lower one.  I drilled a pilot hole and then screwed the cup hook in by hand.

To use the flagpole, you will drive the rebar into the ground leaving a few feet above the ground.  Place the washer over the rebar and let it fall to the ground.  This allows the PVC to easily rotate in the breeze.  Assemble your flagpole and place the bottom section on the rebar and attach your flag.

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