One Year Ago – Spruces

One Year Ago – Spruces


One year ago today, we started down a new path that has totally changed what we do as a family on any given weekend. We went from camping 1 time in 6 years to just having completed our 14th in the last year. We have traveled over 1700 miles with our trailer and visited places that we didn’t even knew existed.

When we were working through the process of purchasing our trailer, people kept talking about investing in life long memories and family. I didn’t realize just how true of a statement that was. We go out in nature, strip off all the daily stresses, remove a good portion of (not all) technology and spend time together as a family. One of our friends recently said “it’s like you guys are taking mini vacations all the time.” That is exactly the point. We are able to pack up and head out and be in some of the most amazing places within hours of our house.

Time camping isn’t spent, its invested…

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