“Roughing it” at Smith and Morehouse

“Roughing it” at Smith and Morehouse


Who said camping has to be roughing it?  One of the many advantages of having a trailer is that you can bring a lot of the comforts of home with you on the road.

Joan requested that we add Smith and Morehouse to our list of campgrounds for 2014.  When she was little, she would come up here with her parents to camp and fish and has wanted to get back to the area for some time.  Now I am not sure, but from what I know about Pa, there probably wouldn’t have been any mani pedi action back then.

2 thoughts on ““Roughing it” at Smith and Morehouse

  1. No Mani pedis just fish gutting….worm hunts and lots of scotch for Pa…he did Barbeque a great steak though. Wish you could have met him, you would have loved him..gentle soul.

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