Buffalo Campground

Buffalo Campground

We made it out of the state!  This is not only the first stop on our week long adventure but the first time we have taken the trailer out of the state.  The drive was not bad at all and we all felt very comparable to going down to Arches.  The main difference is that here we are among the trees and that is just the type of camping that we like.  The Buffalo (not Buffalo Run) campground in Island Park is now easily one of our favorites.

I had a friend from work visit the area a few weeks earlier (before labor day) and he gave us a few suggestions on things to check out.  Unfortunately now being after the holiday some stuff was already closed.  One of the things Lily was looking forward to was catching minnows at Mack’s Inn.  While the store with the nets was closed, the minnows were still in the water.  We are looking forward to getting back in 2015.


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