Canyon Campground – Yellowstone National Park

Canyon Campground – Yellowstone National Park


We are at the mid point of our week long adventure and have arrived in Yellowstone. We woke up the next morning and it had snowed overnight.


We had a great time exploring the park and one of the highlights was the Lamar Valley tour.  We loaded up on an old bus and the driver helped us spot various animals.  We were on our way back and it was getting dark and the driver started to slow down as there was a bison in the road.  As we got closer, the “bison” turned and the driver realized it was a bear.  As the bear started to make its way down the side of the bus the hump on its back made it clear that it was a grizzly.

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  1. Amazing how our camping has touched both sides of the family. Your Moms background and mine growing up. I love it and so special for Lily

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