Birthday at Utah Lake State Park

Birthday at Utah Lake State Park

This seems to be a good October place as the weather is not really cold at this elevation.  The campground is just ok but we have always enjoyed our stays here.  We were in Arches for my Birthday and wouldn’t you know it we are camping again for Ashley’s birthday (Dont tell her but I think I won with my birthday destination).

While at Utah Lake we meet Leigh and Brian, AKA Aluminarium.  Brian was nice enough to offer up some Benadryl to assist with a bee sting for one of the people we were with.  Earlier in the day I had noticed his flag and was trying to figure out what it was for.  So after the Benadryl situation was covered I ask and found out that they are starting an Campsite Review site called Campendium.


It is oddly coincidental as I was just struggling with where and how to review campsites.  After our Yellowstone loop in September, I wanted to tell others what we thought about the places we stayed.  I checked TripAdvisor and there were some listing for campgrounds but not many.  I added in a review and it just wasn’t right as they are very geared to hotels.  Campendium aims to fix that by providing a central place for details, reviews and pictures of campsites.  I am very excited about the site and have been digging through my archive adding pictures and reviews for the places we have been.

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