Gros Ventre Campground

Gros Ventre Campground


Arriving in Gros Ventre on day 5 we got an immediate special treat.  Moose!  Of course, I don’t think its possible to stay in the campground and not see a moose.  But up until this point our wildlife viewing was lacking in the moose department.

We setup camp and headed off to Alpine to visit and have dinner with some family.  While at their house we spent some time geocaching in the area.  After dinner, we headed back to the campground.

After touring around the Jackson area on Saturday it was time to hit the road


As we were driving along Ashley said “The Canyon Inn” as we passed by this old place.  I immediately recognized it and flipped around so we could check it out and grab a picture.  The Canyon Inn, previously called the Canyon Club is where my mom grew up.  My grandparents owned the place and raised my mom and uncle there.  Back then it was a popular place for travelers to stop, get a drink and listen to some live music.

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