Is it spring?

Is it spring?


This winter has been a really odd one.  We were heading into Christmas with very little snow but then right on Christmas day we got some.  It was short lived though and January ended up being one of the warmest and driest on record.  Now here we sit on February 7th with a temperature in the low 70s and I find myself yearning to breakout the trailer and hit the road.  Our 2015 planning is well underway but our first trip is looking to be in May, but with weather like this, it is hard to not grab the trailer and go this weekend.

Because it was a nice day I was able to get my propane holder upgraded.  The picture on the right shows the dual tank holder I installed and the one on the left shows how it use to be (forgot to grab a before pic, but fortunately there is another Jayco 184BH in our lot that I grabbed a shot of).  The original design used nuts and bolts that went through some brackets welded to the frame and through the bottom of the propane bottle.  This holds the bottle on really well but is a pain to remove for refills.  In doing some searching I found these dual bottle arrangements that were quite popular.  I could easily just put a larger bottle on but felt that having 2 smaller ones allowed for more flexibility.  I hadn’t thought much about this until we were traveling last year and I had to refill my tank while we were in Yellowstone.  If I woudl have had this dual bottle setup I could have just disconnected the empty bottle and taken it with us to get filled up while the other one stayed connected to the trailer.

As most of our camping not in really cold weather we can typically get by with just a single bottle.  So my plan is to us the second space for a gas can.  Last year I was strapping the can in an area near the hitch, but now I will have an actual space that it can sit.

Hopefully it will all work out and who knows, I might just test it out in a few weeks 🙂

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