No thanks, we are just looking….. Or are we?

No thanks, we are just looking….. Or are we?

Today we hit our local RV show to just do a bit of window shopping.  We currently own a Jayco 184BH that we are really quite happy with.  As with most RVers we are always looking at what other options there are and thinking about our next rig.  The Jayco 184BH was/is a great fit for us in nearly all areas but there are a few things that would cause us to upgrade.

So of the pros of the Jayco 184BH

  • It weighs 2700 and we can pull it with our Xterra
  • It is only 20 ft long

The biggest negatives of the Jayco 184BH

  • No dedicated “master” sleeping area
  • Black tank size is only 9 gallons

In my research I have been thinking about the fairly standard floor plan that puts a dedicated bed up front with a couch and dinette on one side and the kitchen area on the other and then the bathrooms and bunks in the back.

2015-02-15 18.15.34

The biggest struggle I have been having with this is that it takes us to 30 feet. How big of deal is 30 feet?  We already know we will need a new vehicle (regardless of what the sales people tell us).  I am not really scared of towing the extra length or weight with a new truck.  I am mostly worried about the limitations on where we will be able to take it.  I personally think as long as we can stay under 30 feet, we will be ok and only limited for a few campgrounds.

There is no doubt that the increased tank sizes (39 gallon black) would really enable us to extend our trips and that the dedicated beds would be a big plus/upgrade from the convertible dinette that we sleep on today.  Add those to the great discount price being offered and I have to say we started talking about it.

Is now the right time to upgrade? What type of vehicle would we need? 30 foot, really? Are we ready for a slide?  Do we really need bunks? How long would a model like this last us?

All questions being ask in the Neilson house tonight…

2 thoughts on “No thanks, we are just looking….. Or are we?

  1. Hi, heard you on RVFTA about looking for a new trailer… check this one out. We have the 19RBH 2013 but the model I am showing you tops out about 3,900# and MIGHT work for your family. Bunks, queen bed and dinette. 🙂

    The Amerilites aren’t sold on the West coast, we went to Sonny’s RV in Wyoming to buy ours. We pull it with a 2013 Toyota Highlander that as a tow rating of 5,000 but we wanted to be at least 25% less than that. Ours maxed out at 3,500 to 3,800#.

    1. Crystal, thanks for the tip. I was not even aware of that manufacture. There is a lots of good in that floorplan that opens up a few options for us without having to upgrade the tow vehicle. I do like several of their other plans as well.

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