Back To Island Park

Back To Island Park

After a great time in Glacier National Park, we decided to spend a few days in Island Park, Idaho on our way back to Utah.  We first went to Island Park last year on our way to Yellowstone and really enjoyed our stay there.  Once again I was impressed with our visit and just how relaxing it is.  I would really like to plan a future trip where we have much longer in the area.  Several of the campers we spoke with were staying for several weeks and come to the area several times a year.


One of the attractions in the area is know as Big Springs.  In the past, there have been some huge fish in the area, which is off-limits to fishing, and you can view them from a bridge right above the water.  Well last year the numbers of fish were way down apparently due to some people illegally remove them from the water.  Well this year the numbers were even lower.  Talking to one of the frequent campers, they pointed us to “the bridge” on the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway.  So we headed off with very little in the way of direction to see if we could find the bridge.  Fortunately there is only one bridge so it really want hard.  The water was way more rough so it was hard to see the fish but they were jumping and surfacing regularly so you could see just how big they actually were.  After checking out the fish we decided to find a place for lunch.  We came across the Frostop Drive-In located in Ashton, ID.  The location has been in operation since 1965 and it is clear why.  The food was great and the staff was really friendly.  You can eat in your car (tray on the window style) or at one of the tables.  Lily loved all the animals on the property and insisted on getting pictures with each of them.

It has been a great trip and now we must return back to our normal lives.  It is always sad to see these trips come to and end, but we have satisfaction knowing that there is another one around the corner.

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