Guests at Granite Flat

Guests at Granite Flat

Since RVing and camping has become such a major part of our lives, it is fun when we get the opportunity to share it with others.  This past weekend we were able to secure a spot at one of our favorite campgrounds and invited some friends and family up for dinner each night.  This was our first trip with the new truck and man I am happy with our purchase.


The first night we had my parents up along with my Uncle Steve and Heinz.  It was really fun having them come up, especially considering Steve and Heinz were visiting from the east coast.  The second night we had our friends Jen and Chris up with their two boys.  Lily really enjoyed having some friends come up.  We took them on a geocache in the area and they really enjoyed finding the hidden treasure.

Steve and I
Myself, Steve, Heinz & Lily
Ash, My dad & Lily
His first Geocache
Yup, those are cookies!
Showing him the proper technique

In-between guest we did have some time to get out to explore a bit.  We did two small hikes in the area, grabbed another Geocache, did some coloring and crafts and also had a few minutes to just relax a bit.  We also took a drive up to another lake in the area only to find that they are doing construction on the dam and all the water is drained.  It was a bit disappointing but allowed me to get the truck off-road for the first time.  It was a bit hotter than we would have liked but thankfully we had our generator to be able to kick on the AC for a a bit while we caught up on Americas Got Talent.  All and all it was an awesome weekend…

Where did all the water go?
First off-road for the new truck
Heading up...
Heading down...
View from the trail
Now that's a 'Large' cache...
Cooling off
Coloring is not just for kids...
I will finish this one day!
Coloring and crafts
As long as she is sitting still for a few...
Just relaxing
Another site visitor


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