2015 Wasatch 100

2015 Wasatch 100

The annual running of the Wasatch 100 is a great reminder that we are leaving summer and moving into the fall season.  It is usually on my way up to our base camp that I see the first signs of leaves changing in the canyons.  This year the colors were already going strong and in fact over the weekend we could actually see a change.


The Wasatch 100 is one of those premier events for Amateur Radio operators and provides a serious challenge when it comes to communication.  We are task with tracking every runner in and out of each of the 15 aid stations.  That gives us 32 potential times for each of the 317 runners that we had this year.  That’s 10,144 data points that we are responsible for tracking.  The good thing is all those data points give us a good idea where each of the runners are on the course and help us determine if a runner is over due at a given checkpoint.

The caravan has arrived!
Morning at Camp Wasatch 100 Finish Line
Never Forget!
The tools of the morning
Our Ops center - Complete with cartoons!
Shitter was full...

To help liven up the weekend a bit we decided to make it a bite more of a camping adventure and so we bring along several trailers.  This was the second year that we did this and it really turned out nice.  I was much more comfortable sleeping and it is really nice to have some of my comforts of home so close to our base of operation for the event.

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