Closing down Jordanelle

Closing down Jordanelle

Fall is one of the best times to go camping.  Not only is the weather very favorable but the crowds are basically non existent and you can essentially have the campground to yourself.  Unfortunately this was the last full weekend for this State Park.


For our first real trip in our new Secret Hideout we decided to go to Jordanelle State Park.  This is our second time at Jordanelle and I have to say it is quickly becoming a favorite location of ours. With its close proximity to Heber and Park City, it is a very nice central location for a bunch of different activities.

For this weekend trip we were taking it easy and didn’t really plan many activities.  We headed over to Park City and bummed around on main street.  The city has a very rich mining history and one of the places we stopped in had a museum.  We didn’t go through but I ask if there were any mines that did tours.  Surprisingly they said no and that the last one closed down in the 90s.  I am sure at some point we will come back and check out the museum.  We all hope that this isn’t our last outing for the year, but winter is fast approaching…


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