Powering up With No Hookups

Powering up With No Hookups

When we purchased our Keystone Hideout, we quickly realized that the generator that we had been using on our Jayco Swift was not going to be able to power the air conditioner.  One of our friends is a die hard Honda person, and with good reason, as they are the ones to beat and have a nearly flawless implementation of their generators.  So needless to say we had a lot of reason to consider a Honda.

To help narrow the category, I was only interested in inverter generators.  This is because the power from an inverter generator is better for electronics and generally speaking they are much quieter.  Nothing drives me more crazy then somebody a few sites away running their noisy construction generator all day and night.  The biggest drawback to the Honda 3000 style inverter generator is the price, which retail for close to $2000.  As we only end up using the generator a few times a year, that cost is a bit hard for me to stomach.  This caused us to branch out and look at other brands and the Champion line of generators filtered to the top of the list.

Champion has not had an awesome reputation and several people suggested that I get something different (all were owners of Honda generators).  After reading many reviews and watching way to many YouTube videos, we purchased the Champion Power Equipment 75537i 3100 watt generator.  This model is RV ready with a 30A style plug so we can connect directly into it and has a wireless remote start.  So generally speaking, the generator lives in the back of our truck and I have a 30A extension cord that I run out of the back and connect it to my trailers normal power cord.  In the mornings when we need some power to make our coffee, I simply hit the remote in the trailer and the generator kicks on.

The picture above shows some of the internal things I really like about this generator.  Starting with the red circle on the left is the oil fill.  Now there really isn’t much special about this, but just below you can see a black drip ramp and below that a yellow ramp.  This is there just in case you drip or overfill and helps keep the oil out of the inside of the generator housing.  The middle red circle is the oil drain plug.  The red square below is the trap door that you open when you drain the oil.  This means that you just set the generator on your catch pan, open the door and then remove the drain plug.  Doesn’t get much easier than that.  The final red circle on the right side is the fuel drain tube.  Just back the screw partially out and make sure the fuel switch is in the on position on the front of the generator and the fuel will start to drain.  The tube is long enough that you can insert it into a container to catch the gas.  These small features make this generator easy to do regular maintenance on, which means you are much more likely to actually do it.

After a season with the Champion 75537i 3100 watt generator, we couldn’t be more happy and would highly recommend it to anybody that is interested.

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