Dads Not A Very Good Fisher…

Dads Not A Very Good Fisher…

One of the best parts about RVing is that it is caused us to discover great places that are close to home.  The Payson Lakes area is under 90 minutes from our house and was a great weekend getaway, that I am sure we will go back to.  The campground is made up of 3 loops and has just over 100 sites.  The roads are all paved and the sites are concrete, which we love!


Being located in the Uinta National Forest there are tons of trees, which provide great shade and lots of privacy.  But the highlight of this campground is the quick access to the lake.  The “Big East” lake, covers 23 acres and has an average depth of 29 feet and is a great place to do a little kayaking or fishing.  There is also a fully paved trail that circles the lake and is about 1.25 miles.  It is mostly shaded and provided a great eventing walk.


We were also able to get out for a short hike on the Grotto Trail.  The trail crosses a stream on several occasions and I wasn’t sure how the dog was going to handle walking on the logs, but she did great.  We did take our boat out for a few hours on the lake and enjoyed the calm water and the great views.  I even tried my had at fishing but was only able to land one great catch…. a dirty sock!  It was at that point that Lily leaned over to Ashley and said “Dads not a very good fisher…”


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